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Self-Appointed Boob Police Trolling Twitch Streamers

This article was written by Cecilia D'Anastasio and originally published on Kotaku: According to some Twitch streamers, vigilante viewers are making a sport of trolling through...
star trek online 3d print

Star Trek Online Now Let’s You 3D Print Your Favourite Ships

Trekkies rejoice! You can now actually print out your beloved ship from Star Trek Online... Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs,...
age of empires definitive edition

Age of Empires Is A Weird Game In 2018

AoE Is Sooo 1997... Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is almost everything an Age of Empires fan could think they want. Unless they want the castles from Age of...
sony ban

Sony Bans Player For Profane User Name 8 Years Later

JD says: "Not ones to rush into things when it comes to allowing users to change their display names, the 'good' people at PSN...
witcher 3 bar guide

Best Pubs For A Piss Up In The Witcher 3

After a long, hard day's Witchering, all you need is a good, hard drink in your favourite watering hole... JD says: "As a passionate Witcher...
knife cod paul hogan

CoD Player Maxs Out Rank Never Firing A Gun

Paul Hogan would be proud. It might seem crazy to try and play the god of all FPSs, CoD, without ever using a gun, but...

6 Pro Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out Of Your PS4

Got yourself a brand new PS4? Or you’ve had one for a while? You definitely need a few tricks and tips to help you...

P&Cs – Xbox One X

Jim gives his take on the Pros, Cons and offers a Conclusion as to whether you should buy an Xbox One X.

LUST – Xbox One X

Jim gets intimate with a brand spanking new Xbox One X.

TBD – Episode 1

JD and TheBradman discuss new year's woes, how awesome the Sea of Thieves closed beta was, the refreshing PUBG and it's bone-headed cheaters, Nintendo's...