Are you a youth with a passion for gaming?

Stop playing those useless games and have a look at what we’re offering you now!

At PC Zone, we bring all gaming enthusiasts a fantastic collection of verified games that provides opportunities to test your luck in making money. These games are not typical time-wasters; you’ll have fun as well as chances to win casino promo codes. Whether you have an interest in action, sports, fighting, and adventure, racing, poker, or casino games— there’s an endless range of game variety available for you to play and earn money.

1) PaidGamePlayer

With rewards worth $250,000+ provided in cash to gamers every day, PaidGamePlayer is one of the best and trusted online gaming websites which rewards top scoreboard gamers with money. The site features around 30 games, where dozens of contestants compete against each other to reach the scoreboard top. The most popular games played are Zuma, Chess, Mahjong, and Poker Championship.

Apart from earning hot cash from playing games, one can also make additional money by participating in surveys, reviewing games, and completing daily reward challenges. 

2) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best gaming platforms where you can earn money by playing games. Gaming contests are conducted every day, and top-performing gamers are awarded by the company. The prizes are rewarded in the form of points called “Swagbucks”, which can anytime be redeemed into Amazon / EBAY Gift Cards, brand discount vouchers, tech-gadgets, or converted into cash and transferred to your Paypal account. 

Apart from earning money by playing games, the site also provides gaming enthusiasts to earn money by completing surveys and referring friends.

3) ClassicRummy

Interested in card games? ClassicRummy is an Indian game that provides a platform for worldwide card-game players to show their mastery and earn money. The platform pays a good amount of cash to everyday top performers, and you can even win a huge figure jackpot deal by winning mega competitions conducted between worldwide rummy players every month. 

Unlike other card games, ClassicRummy is a 100% legal card game that is also approved by the Indian Supreme Court. Some other notable features of this game include – 24/7 support, several payout options, and availability for playing on both iOS and Android.

4) Second Life

Second Life is one of the world’s biggest and highest-paying virtual platforms for all gaming enthusiasts. After registering with this platform, every user is assigned his/her unique 3D avatar and name. The game is entirely different than normal games we usually play. 

It’s like living and doing business in the virtual world but in the same way and style of the real world. For example, you can earn money by opening your virtual shop and selling items to other users in the virtual world, selling or renting your virtual property, opening a restaurant for virtual customers, and every business that we humans do in real life… BUT this time in the virtual world!

If used the right way, you can make millions of dollars from Second Life.

5) Exodus3000

Exodus3000 is an interesting RPG (role-playing game) where you are assigned with a character that is teleported in the future world, which is about 1000’s of years from now. The game features a theme showing natural resources from Earth are exhausted because of a catastrophic event, and you now have to find minerals and other means of living on this planet. 

You are on a huge barren land and the mission is to find ways of living as well as protecting yourself against attack from other gamers who are your enemies in this game. You have to search ruins, dig lands, and mine volcanoes. 

On successful extraction of anything useful, you are rewarded with 5,000 points called Mars Dollars, which can later be exchanged against dollars with the market value of $20 = 300,000 Mars Dollars.

Earning money by playing games is a perfect opportunity for all game enthusiasts there. Earn points, casino promo codes, prizes, or redeem your points against cash – and make a handsome living with the comfort of your home.

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