Though not rocket science – becoming a better gamer requires practice, knowledge, and smart thinking to complete different missions. 

Just like getting free spins at requires expertise, becoming a better gamer is not something like Snap, Crackle, and Pop. You have to properly align yourself with the game’s blueprint and carry out the mission accomplishment goal with full zeal and vigor.

Here at PC Zone, we bring you a detailed insight into how to be better at games. It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re a console gamer or PC gamer. We as a whole need to be better, and here are top tips for improving your gameplay.

1) Focus on one game at a time

The first and most important tip is to focus on one game at a time. Instead of playing casually anything, stick with one game, and try to complete its mission. First, try to accomplish the game’s missions in beginner difficulty mode, and gradually increase the game’s difficulty to match with your expertise. 

2) Practice with and against other professional players

You can not become a pro-player by playing against bots. This is because bots can’t match human-level expertise, and for this purpose, it’s recommended that you play with- and against other professional players to learn skills from them as well as develop professionalism in the game. 

You can’t simply practice against bots and hope to be better. If you generally play against bots who have a slower response time than yourself, you will never push your muscle-memory to turn out to be quicker.

3) Have the right gaming gear

The right gaming gear is necessary for pro-gaming experience. Low-end systems display the game in low resolution as well as cause lags, therefore, preventing the gamer to engage in the real-world gaming experience. So you must have the right equipment and gear to ensure a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. 

We aren’t saying that purchasing the right gear will make you a superior player instantly, however being tossed somewhere near low FPS and a slow mouse or a keyboard, will in the long run incapacitate you from becoming a pro-gamer.

Along with the right accessories to help you game comfortably, by reviewing your internet connection and finding the best internet speed for live streaming, you can see a change in the quality of your gaming.  

4) Keep good health

Hours-long gameplay can sometimes cause fatigue, muscle cramps, and pulls; especially in the back area of your body. Becoming a pro-gamer requires you to constantly play games for hours, therefore, you must keep a good health by exercising, eating healthy food, and consuming supplements to boost your productivity.

5) Watch Youtube Tutorials

There’s nothing wrong with taking help from other gamers of the expert league, and thanks to Youtube for making this possible. There are tutorials of every game, and you can easily learn how to complete such and such missions as well as take help from other gamers. This way you will develop proper expertise in the game and soon become an expert gamer.

To sum up; becoming a professional gamer requires practice, patience, proper equipment, good health, and learning. Follow these 5 mentioned tips, and you will surely see improvements in your gaming activity.