Life in quarantine has been anything but fun…

The upside is that many of us have been inspired to find new hobbies, new ways to make income, and fun ways to get entertainment as well. What if I told you that you could do all of the above, in just one place? Exciting, right? In this article, I am going to let you in on the top tips to beginning a fun and potentially lucrative venture in online gaming. 

Let’s jump right in!

Tip #1: Choosing the right platform 

I’m assuming that the moment I wrote online gaming your head started swirling with worries. Is it legal, is it safe, how do I know I will get my payout and many more questions. It’s understandable. Online gaming sites can attract and be run by some not so nice people. Gamble City, on the other hand, has everything you want in a great platform. 

Let’s take a look at an easy safety checklist:

  1. Get a safe username and password- this should be random letters and numbers
  2. Never give out personal information on an unsecured platform 
  3. Choose a site with a registration code 
  4. Always play on a legal site 
  5. Choose a site with transparent gaming options like sports 

The last tip is important. If you are new to online gaming or even if you have played a bit you have probably found out the hard way that casino-style games often have fine print that prevents you from withdrawing your wins on certain profitable games. Gamble City, however, focuses on sports betting sites. It also requires a verification process for additional security. 

Certification matters – pick a site that offers certified RNG systems for any codes to get bonuses, free bets, and cash matches. 

Tip #2: Check Out Their Partners

If you are searching for an online betting site and notice they are not registered or affiliated with established companies, be wary. Many sites open up overnight to cheat people out of money and disappear. 

Established companies like Real Madrid choose their affiliates carefully. Do your research to find trustworthy sits where you can bet safely and easily. Gamble City offers over forty-five thousand live matches as well as e-sports betting championships withing a legal international framework. 

Tip #3: Real-Time Play 

The last tip is often overlooked. A lot of illegal and questionable sites will not play in real-time. They use these lags to alter odds affecting your payouts and even stealing wins. Always choose a site that is played in real-time. To do this check out the following to protect yourself:

  • HTML 5 Game Interface
  • Multiple game view 
  • Live chat with players and dealers 

These tips will help you play live and protect yourself from illegal gaming practices. 

Wrap Up 

If you want to find a new hobby and increase your income check out the exciting world of live online sports betting. The fastest growing online experience can come with some safety concerns so follow my tips to keep yourself and your wallet protected. If you want more information about how to choose a registered and certified betting site, go HERE.