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We like to blabber about things from time to time, things that don’t fit neatly into any other category. So there.

overwatch toxic players

The Debate Over Harassment in Overwatch Rages On

Ever since the Play Nice, Play Fair development update from Blizzard, the community has been focused on the nitty gritty of harassment in Overwatch. With Blizzard...
UK parliament loot boxes gambling

UK Government Responds to Loot Boxes as Gambling Petition

Over the past couple of weeks, amid increasing discussions regarding the moral acceptability of loot boxes in modern video games, a petition has been...
loot boxes exploitation?

Loot Boxes: Future of AAA or a Monetisation Misfire?

The loot box debate rages on, but very few members of the industry have joined in the discussion. As games sites become awash with reports...