Fancy a pint and a good ol’ gaming session? Happen to be in Osaka, Japan?

Well up until now you could have chosen one of three fabulous watering holes to get tipsy in while getting your rage on online against those pesky westerners and their not so honed JRPG skills.

The bars, 1UpCatena and Clan, have ALL been shuttered thanks to my now least favourite people, The Association of Copyright for Computer Software (ACCS) – or as I would like to now call them, The Ass Crap C**ts Society.

Apparently these wonderful dens of adult gaming delight are in breach of copyright as they did not seek permission from the creators of the games before making them available. If there’s anything more pedantic and pointless than this I’d sure like to bloody hear it.

annoying twatThe thing is, if people are playing your game and what’s more, playing your game in public over a few Sake with their mates and heaven forbid, ENJOYING your game, then you my friend have already won, the game, as it were. Hell, you may have even won the internet.

These good people are spreading the word and doubtless in doing so driving interest in your product, take up of your product and even better, precious yen into your bank accounts.

You can’t buy that kind of good exposure but what you can do, is piss people off by sending in the ‘computer says no’ nerds to spoil everyone’s party.

Thanks ACCS, whoever you really are, for spoiling the day in Japan. That my friends, is the gravest of sins…