Ahead of the full game’s release, PlayStation Plus members on PS4 in the US can check out a portion of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 for a limited time.

A Rev 2 demo has just been released on the PlayStation Store and is only accessible for Plus members. It’s pretty substantial–although it’s called a demo, the store treats it as a “full game trial.” While you’re limited to just the standard Arcade Versus mode, you have what looks to be the full game’s roster of characters and levels to play with. There’s also a tutorial mode to help you learn the basics.

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That’s a solid demo, although the PlayStation Plus requirement isn’t the lone caveat. After opening it up, the demo notes that it will automatically deactivate itself once the game is officially released. Based on that language, the demo will be unplayable after that point; it won’t simply be removed from the PlayStation Store. Also of note: It’s intended to be playable offline, although some players have reported issues doing so.

Rev 2 launches in North America on May 26, giving you just over three weeks to see what this demo has to offer. The game is an expanded version of the existing Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, adding two new characters, more stages, and balance updates, among other things.

It’ll be available digitally on PS4 and PS3, while a physical release will only be coming for the PS4 version.

Source: GameSpot

Developer : Eight Pixels Square
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