Sony has now shipped 63.3 million PlayStation 4 systems worldwide, the company announced today as part of its latest earnings report for its fiscal first quarter. This is up from 60 million for the period ended March 31. Sony shipped 3.3 million units between April 1 and June 30.

The new figure, 63.3 million, represents units sold to retailers, but not necessarily sales to consumers. The latest actual sales number that Sony provided was 60.4 million, a figure the company disclosed during E3, good through June 11.

PS4 shipments dropped year-over-year, as Sony shipped 3.5 million PS4 consoles during its first fiscal quarter last year. As announced previously, Sony expects to ship 18 million PS4 consoles overall this fiscal year, down from 20 million the year prior.

Sony’s Game & Network Services division, which covers the PlayStation business, saw its revenue jump 5.4 percent year-over-year to ¥348.1 billion. Sony said the uptick in sales was “primarily” attributed to better PS4 game sales, including digital, along with “the contribution of PlayStation VR.” However, the PS4 price drop had a negative impact on the Games & Network Services division’s bottom line, Sony said. Regarding PlayStation VR, Sony did not give out a new sales number. In February, Sony announced that sales of the VR headset had hit 915,000 units.

Operating income, meanwhile, for the division came in at ¥17.7 billion, down significantly from the ¥26.3 billion that the unit brought in during the same period last year. Sony said the big drop off was mostly due to a tough comparison to last year, when the company had a “highly profitable first-party title,” which is likely a reference to Uncharted 4. The PS4 price drop also had a negative impact on the unit’s operating income.

Sony is a massive company with numerous divisions, including those for film, TV, smartphones, and more. Overall, Sony’s revenue jumped 15.2 percent for the period, to ¥1.8 trillion. Operating income rose to ¥157.6 billion.

Source: GameSpot

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