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Fortnite: Battle Royale Review

Alright survivors Nerdy Dwarf here and I'm ready to tell you to buckle up, jump out of a flying bus and use your metal umbrella to parachute down before...

Friday 13th the Game Review

Dwarf here, and our story begins at Camp crystal lake, summer of 1957 is where we begin, a poor boy violently drowned at the hands of bullies. Sounds like...

Big Price Drop Coming for PS4 and Xbox?

PlayStation 4 sales continue to impress and while Sony are pleased with their progress, they also remain very ambitious about total sales. So ambitious in fact that they believe they...

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a marked improvement over its predecessors in two areas: graphics and gunplay. The Frostbite engine proves itself quite capable of rendering the best-looking alien locales in...

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beg borrow steal


“Good artists copy; great artist steal.” It is a phrase attributed - probably wrongly so - to many people of importance over the years,...

MiiVerse Closure Hurts (a lot of) Games

Well, Miiverse is closing. The strange, extremely Nintendo-y, and occasionally much-loved social network built into Wii U (and built onto 3DS) will be shuttered come...

EA May Ditch Annual Sports Releases

There are a few video games that you can count on being released every single year, and probably top of that list are EA Sports'...