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forza motorsport 7 review

Forza Motorsport 7 Review

If you're a regular player of Turn 10's racing games, your first reaction to Forza Motorsport 7 is likely to be: what's new? After a rare stumble with the slender...
fifa 18 switch

Is FIFA 18 on Switch Any Good?

FIFA 18 fans have no doubt spent the past few hours playing the game on their beloved Xbox One, PS4 or PC. But how good is the Nintendo Switch version? After...
cuphead review

Cuphead Review

Everything you've heard about Cuphead is true... It is a difficult side-scrolling shooter with relentless boss battles that demand rapid-fire actions and reactions. Think for too long, and you won't...
SteamWorld Dig2 review

SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

The first SteamWorld Dig was most notable for its unique blend of mining mechanics and Metroid-style exploration, but it ended right as it began to come into its own. Its sequel is twice...

New Nintendo 2DS XL Review

As Nintendo prepared to release the Switch, its fascinating home-and-handheld-hybrid console, it did raise the question: where does this leave the 3DS? Built up since the original release in 2011, Nintendo’s...

Do nootropics give sports gamers an edge and are there any risks?

Do you ever wonder if memory games actually boost memory? The debate as to whether video games have a large effect on the brain is one that’s not likely to...

Friday 13th the Game Review

Dwarf here, and our story begins at Camp crystal lake, summer of 1957 is where we begin, a poor boy violently drowned at the hands of bullies. Sounds like...

New First of Kind Gaming Centre Planned for Birmingham

A brand new family entertainment centre is being planned for Birmingham. Resorts World Birmingham is hoping to launch the new concept – in the form of two gaming centres. Vortex Gaming...

Big Price Drop Coming for PS4 and Xbox?

PlayStation 4 sales continue to impress and while Sony are pleased with their progress, they also remain very ambitious about total sales. So ambitious in fact that they believe they...

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a marked improvement over its predecessors in two areas: graphics and gunplay. The Frostbite engine proves itself quite capable of rendering the best-looking alien locales in...

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