If you like video games, have huge wads of cash and love to show off, these products will be right up your alley!

These posh as f**k retro gaming cabinets are just the must have accessory if you’ve always wanted to play your favourite retro titles with a sense of dignity and grandeur.

Each wood crafted box contains a screen, buttons and runs an emulator containing anything up to 10,000 classic games; so plenty of title to sink your teeth into. Whether the controller quality matches the finish quality is anyone’s guess though.

Seriously these things look stunning and are the brainchild of designer Love Hulten. Is there a catch though? Ooohhh yes, a pretty hefty, atomic hole-in-the-wallet size one.

retro cabinet

For example, this pretty little number will set you back a cool €2499, excluding VAT and shipping!

Still, there’s bound to be some rich buggers out there just aching to install a few of these in their drawing rooms, by the mantle alongside the traditional tiger skin rug, no?

To purchase an R-KAID yourself, visit: www.lovehulten.com

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