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Get on board with the latest trends in the rapidly growing scene of virtual reality gaming, from interesting new developments to eye-opening insights into the emerging technology. Watch this space if you’re curious about the VR scene and are interested in finding out how to make the most of VR gaming.

Survey: Two Thirds Want VR To Be Social

The people have spoken, and they want virtual reality to be social. When you show most people VR for the first time, their reaction is almost inevitable: First their jaw...

How VR Can Make a WWII Game Fresh Again

Call of Duty is going back to its roots, or so we’re told. Thematically, the next iteration in Activision’s juggernaut shooter franchise does indeed go back to where it all...

Gamer Makes Switch Do VR

Nintendo has been noncommittal when it comes to virtual reality, even though it filed a patent late last year that could turn its Switch console into a VR device. A YouTube blogger decided...

VR: Where Are We Now

Jem Alexander investigates how developers feel about the reception of VR and where they are right now with the technology. Now... As with any highly anticpated product, whether hardware or software,...

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“Good artists copy; great artist steal.” It is a phrase attributed - probably wrongly so - to many people of importance over the years,...

MiiVerse Closure Hurts (a lot of) Games

Well, Miiverse is closing. The strange, extremely Nintendo-y, and occasionally much-loved social network built into Wii U (and built onto 3DS) will be shuttered come...

EA May Ditch Annual Sports Releases

There are a few video games that you can count on being released every single year, and probably top of that list are EA Sports'...