You’ve heard this statement many times. The house always wins.

And that’s because every gambling game has a payout rate that favours casinos in the long run. Still, that doesn’t stop millions of people from trying to win online casino games.

Although casinos have an advantage over players, you can win by doing several things right. First off, you need to play at sites with high payout rates. How do you find these operators? Discover the details below.

Online Casino Payouts: How they Work

Most casino games depend on Random Number Generator (RNG) software to determine when a game pays out to winners. The software is coded by independent developers and not the casinos. 

To make things even fairer, some third-party companies audit these games to ensure the RNG code on each game is entirely random. With fairness assured, casino games are never created equal.

Some games have higher payouts than others. In other words, they produce winners more often than their competitors. These are the games experienced gamblers always choose—the chances of winning here is high.

Making Sense of RTP Rates

In the casino space, games’ payouts are calculated through Return to Player (RTP). They are calculated as a percentage of the gambled money a game pays back to winners over time. 

A 100% RTP means a slot machine is coded to return all wagered money over time. Of course, that’s not possible. Casinos need to make profits. And they make money by having a percentage of guaranteed money.

As a result, many online casino games have an RTP of 90% to 99%. Logically, the probability of winning is highest at the best paying games. That means between a 90% RTP slot and a 98% RTP slot, you want to play the latter. 

Average Payout Rate for Casinos

Playing high RTP casino games is great. But it’s even better to play at a casino with a high payout rate. You’ll be confident that most games have high payout rates and thus you’re chances of winning are decent. 

Casinos calculate their payout rates by averaging the RTP of the games they offer. If an operator has 300 games with a mean of 97%, that’s the operator’s payout rate. If a site has 1000 games averaging 94%, that’s their RTP.

Like choosing individual games, you want to pick a site with the best online casino payouts. More often than not, these operators have a wide range of high-paying games. They also tend to be well-managed and centre their goals on solving players’ pain points.

How to Check Payout Rates

Many casino games have a publicly known payout rate. That’s why we know Mega Joker from NetEnt is the best-paying slot. Gonzo’s Quest has a 96% RTP, Thunderstruck II 96.65% and Game of Thrones 95%.

The payout percentage is designed by software providers and often verified by regulators like the UKGC and independent auditors like eCOGRA. When it comes to a casino’s average RTP, though, it’s not always easy to find the information.

Stating the average payout rate is a relatively new thing for online casinos. The best casinos provide this information somewhere on their websites. But many operators are yet to reveal it. 

Should you worry if a casino doesn’t reveal its payout rate? Not necessarily. Whether you win or lose at casino games is determined by many factors and not just the RTP.

  • A Game’s Variance/Volatility

A game’s variance describes how often and what amounts a slot machine pays out. Variance can be grouped into three: low, medium and high. A low vitality game pays out regularly but in small amounts. 

Mega Joker is a befitting example of a low variance game. Yes, it has the highest RTP at 99%. And yes, it pays out regularly but in small amounts. 

Most slot machines are medium variance games. They pay out decent amounts but not as often as low vitality games. Examples include Gonzo’s Quest, Jane Blonde, and Guns N’ Roses.

The extreme end of things consists of highly volatile games. They pay out generous amounts of money but scarcely. You could go 30 spins without a win. But when you do, it will usually be worth the wait.

  • In-Game Features

Some casino games keep things simple. They have an icon to bet, a configuration place to adjust your bets and fruits as symbols. However, they lack the in-game features that make slots entertaining and highly rewarding.

The best slots are feature-loaded. They have free spins to buy you time, multipliers to magnify your profits and bonus rounds to improve your experiences. In other words, choose games with plenty of in-game features.

  • Random and Progressive Jackpots

Many online casinos have either of two types jackpots: random and progressive pots. With a random jackpot, the amount doesn’t change with time. With the latter, the pot increases every day it’s not won.

Games with progressive jackpots tend to have a conservative payout rate. They also tend to be highly volatile. But when they payout, they pay up to £20 million.  With that in mind, play jackpots only when your target is to hit the grand prize.

  • Your Strategies

Sure, casino games are based on pure chance. But how you play also impacts your win rate. Let’s say you select a slot and bet 50 times without winning. Should you continue to play the game?

Experienced players tend to play multiple slots. They could spend twenty minutes at one slot and move over to a different game. Another strategy is to maximize your bets so that when you win, you walk away with a decent amount. 

As mentioned, the casino you pick also affects your payouts. If it has a high payout rate, you’ll have better chances of winning than someone who chooses a low-paying site.


A casino’s payout describes the amount of wagered money paid back to gamblers over time. It’s calculated as a percentage. And usually, the closer it is to 100%, the better for you.