The halt in live sporting events globally and the closure of physical gambling outlets due to the coronavirus outbreak has led to the reduction in overall gambling.

However, the suspension of sports events has allowed online slots, and online poker to thrive alongside virtual sports, taking the lead. The virtual sports betting increased significantly among the European operators during the COVID-19 crisis. The UK Gambling Commission reported that virtual sports gambling increased by 40% in March.  

Well, the virtual sports betting began gaining popularity, not more than a decade ago. With the latest video gaming technology, punters who love sports events can see the result of their bet displayed on the computer or their mobile phone’s screen almost immediately. They only have to wait for about 3 minutes and a few seconds, though. Gamers find it a perfect replicate sport they can use as a source of making a profit.

The virtual soccer (football) and virtual racing (dog racing, horse racing, motor racing, and speedway racing) are the most played virtual sports during the coronavirus crisis, generating a significant amount of funds to sportsbooks.

As we all know, football is one of the world’s most loved sports…

It unites fans all over the world. Many sportsbooks have implemented the service of virtual football betting on their website. Virtual football betting is arguably the most popular virtual sports betting among punters even before the COVID-19 crisis. It has continued to maintain its position during the said crisis. Arguably, virtual football is the “king” of virtual sports. Many online betting sites offer virtual football games in 5 minutes intervals or even lesser duration with a lot of betting options. The game plays instantaneously after placing your bets with the important highlights. Punters find the true sports camera angle, simulated real-team moves, the commentators and real odds appealing.

Apart from football, many gamers have also picked interests in virtual horse race betting. It is estimated that the virtual horse racing makes up about 25% of all horse racing bets placed within the UK sportsbook. The number of horse racing gamers also significantly increased during the COVID-19 situation. Virtual horse racing simulates real-life horse racing and is available to be played 24/7 just like other virtual games. Players can choose a number of horses that may exceed one in the virtual racing.

The next most played virtual sports is virtual dog racing. Punters can choose to place a bet on one or more out of about 6-8 dogs racing on a set track.  The virtual dog race is somewhat more realistic than the virtual soccer.

Following virtual dog racing is virtual motor racing

The virtual motor racing is in high demand by fans of the sport all over the world. Players can bet on the winner or choose to make a tricast prediction or more just like the dog and horse racing. The noises of the racing sports motors and the commentary make the game a more realistic one.

The speedway racing is also among the list of the most played virtual sports games during the present crisis. The number of bikes in this racing is limited to 4, and a bettor can only choose not more than one winner.

Boxing is one of the sports that have a high number of fan bases in the world. Virtual boxing is also not sidelined among the virtual sport as bettors have found it interesting to place bets on their favorite boxer.


There has been a high increase in the number of punters who have picked-up interests in virtual gaming in recent years. Virtual sports are becoming more popular during the coronavirus crisis.  The Covid-19 has enabled gamblers to play virtual soccer and virtual racing more during the crisis.