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JD (Jim Devereaux) is a life-long gamer and creative performer and is the Chief Editor of PC Zone. In 2014, Jim produced, directed and presented (along with Greg Marshall) the award-winning TV show 'Bored Gamers', a humorous weekly programme about all types of gaming, that was broadcast nationally in the UK on Freeview. The show is now available globally on Amazon Prime Video. Jim has also been an article writer for Latest magazine, offering his light-hearted take on his various gaming adventures, as well as general commentary on the games industry.

LUST – Xbox One X

TBD – Episode 1

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knife cod paul hogan

CoD Player Maxs Out Rank Never Firing A Gun

Paul Hogan would be proud. It might seem crazy to try and play the god of all FPSs, CoD, without ever using a gun, but...

6 Pro Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out Of Your PS4

Got yourself a brand new PS4? Or you’ve had one for a while? You definitely need a few tricks and tips to help you...

P&Cs – Xbox One X

Jim gives his take on the Pros, Cons and offers a Conclusion as to whether you should buy an Xbox One X.

LUST – Xbox One X

Jim gets intimate with a brand spanking new Xbox One X.

TBD – Episode 1

JD and TheBradman discuss new year's woes, how awesome the Sea of Thieves closed beta was, the refreshing PUBG and it's bone-headed cheaters, Nintendo's...

How do you set up a good video sharing website?

Video sharing websites enjoy a tremendous amount of traffic due to their entertainment and engagement value. But before you decide to setup your own...
porn 2.0

Porn 2.0 – Game Characters Likenesses Botched Onto Porn Stars Faces

Ready to get your FAP on?! One of the greatest attractions, nay, greatest achievements of the internet is the ease with which one can access...

World’s Longest Standing Video Game Record Holder A Cheating Bastard

Grandee of gaming records stripped of accolade by disgruntled reddit boffins - Activision fails to notice (or care). Speed runs are are all the craze...
gpu shortage

Arsehole Bitcoin Miners Buying Up All The Graphics Cards

Shady cyber-ultra-geeks across the globe are buying up all the high-end graphics cards, and I mean like ALL the high-end graphics cards. There's barely a...
loot boxes

The UK Gambling Commission is Clueless About Video Games

This article was originally written by Rich Stanton, published by Kotaku.co.uk The UK Gambling Commission's yearly survey of young people and their perspectives on gambling has...