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PC Zone Peace Island cat game interview q&a

Q&A: Peace Island – Cat Playpark or Paradise Lost?

Does anyone else remember seeing adverts for that game that looked a little like GTA with cats?
PC Zone great products you've never heard of

The Best Gaming Tech Deals From Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

Some of the best (and cheapest) high-end gaming products you can buy right now come from brands you may never have...

5 Consoles That Changed The Game

The greatest consoles of all time! It’s a question as pointlessly subjective as it is fun. How...
Blurred nude girl "censored"

I Hooked Up With a Girlfriend From 1989

I knew it was wrong. But you know what it’s like these days. You jump online, and you...

Welcome To The Apocalypse: Train While You Game

We have snacks. Soap and toilet roll? Not so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtT6iOSLOxI Yes, we...

5 Games To Enjoy In Your Impending Redundancy

Right now, all over the globe, companies are falling like a cross-eyed amputee on skates down a particularly rickety ramp.

Ultimate Showdown: PS5 vs. XSX vs. PC – The Specs Compared

The greatest battle of our time is about to kick off. Now that we're all stuck at home...

Preview: HyperParasite

Panic-striken streets with a monstrous parasitic virus on the loose. Sound familiar? ortunately that's where the similarities...

PlayStation 2 at 20

The PlayStation 2 and I share a birthday. Sony’s sequel console was released on my 20th, March 4th, 2000.

Segata Sanshiro Made Me Play Sega Saturn

I vaguely remember the Sega Saturn Back in 1995, the era of pixel perfect 2D gaming was sailing...

Hardware Vs. Software Ray Tracing – what’s the difference?

Nvidia offers a detailed explanation in this blog post Hardware acceleration makes a big difference. But the real...

Sea of Thieves – one year on

Sea of thieves, after a long year of sailing. Unless you have been living under an internet free rock...