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Xbox One X pre order fail

Tons of People Accidentally Bought Xbox One X, Thinking it was the New Xbox...

Microsoft's pointlessly confusing naming scheme is doubtless to blame as sales of the One X mysteriously rocket, despite it being discontinued. When the new Xbox consoles - the...
Sony PlayStation 5 huge Planet Of The Apes

PS5 is Stupidly Massive – See it in Your Room Thanks to AR

Sony really did decide bigger was better when it came to their next gen system Now that we have all the details of the upcoming next-gen games...

Which Virtual Sports were played most during Lockdown?​

The halt in live sporting events globally and the closure of physical gambling outlets due to the coronavirus outbreak has led to the reduction in overall gambling.

8 Expert Tips for Safe and Fun Online Betting

Life in quarantine has been anything but fun... The upside is that many of us have been inspired to find new hobbies, new ways to make income, and...

Yet More Games To Keep You Busy In Lockdown

The coronavirus is spreading, and a second wave has already been announced in many countries So while you sit in your homes not allowed to be in...

5 PC Games to Play during Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has gradually reached many countries of the world, entertainment facilities are being closed, workers and students are being transferred to home-based regimes. It is...
Xbox Series X & S price

Xbox Series X & S Prices and Release Date Confirmed

Microsoft's twin "next-gen" machines given an official release date and ERP. The worst kept secret in "next-gen" rumour mills, the Xbox Series S, was given official confirmation...
VR headsets

Beyond Gaming: The Industries That are Utilising Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology has been taking the world by storm ever since its creation. While many people will associate virtual reality with gaming, one of the most...


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