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Well I'm not going to lie, 2020 isn't going exactly to plan – a killer virus will have that affect on your carefully crafted work schedule. Still, this very unwelcome disruption to all our lives has provided a great opportunity to knuckle down and focus on what we love doing best – playing video games.

PC Zone Reborn is a love letter to the original magazine and as such, is a passion project for all of us here who grew up with it. But given the cold reality that most of us will be stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, now is the time we get more serious than ever about bringing the Zone brand back to the mainstream. We can't defeat the virus, but we can help to defeat the boredom that is inevitably going to rot all of our brains in the months ahead.

Statistically, gaming activity has risen by 75% in the past few weeks – hardly surprising since there's nothing else interesting to do. The upside is that we have more time than ever to create Zone-worthy content for you to sink your infected gnashers into. And with ground-breaking games like Half Life: Alyx and the grotesquely satisfying DOOM Eternal to play, enforced isolation may not be so bad after all…

Jim Devereaux, Editor-In-Chief



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Jim Devereaux
Editor-In-Chief. Has contributed gaming articles to a variety of publications and produced the award-winning TV show Bored Gamers (Amazon Prime). He loves racing games, classic LucasArts adventures and building new PC gaming rigs whenever he can afford it.
Brad Smith
Technical/Production Editor. Professional camera operator and technical specialist who also worked as a writer and presenter on the 'Bored Gamer's TV show. "I play games so you don't have to. Or you can. I don't care."
Sam Devereaux
Features/Retro Editor. When he’s not writing about gaming goodness, he has another life as a voice actor. He loves racing games, decent Star Wars titles and pretty much anything to do with the N64.
Greg Marshall
Media/Board Games Editor. A table-top gaming specialist, he obsesses over certain video games. Founder of Wargaming Special Interest Group magazine and co-creator of award winning TV show 'Bored Gamers' with Jim Devereaux.
George Shine
Senior Contributor. Known as A Nerdy Dwarf, gaming since getting a SEGA Mega Drive age 5. Fan of Warhammer, Silent Hill and Avenged Sevenfold and all-round gamer Dad.

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