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Greg has a love for all things gaming, be it miniature, board or video. Although he is an adult table-top gaming specialist, he obsesses over certain video games. Greg founded and wrote the Wargaming Special Interest Group magazine for British Mensa and has had articles published in numerous other reputable magazines. Greg really isn't as chauvinistic and immature as as it first seems - at least the former. He is proud to be undeniably a Dude. With less pride he often finds himself a Noob too, as despite a life of gaming, in many genres he is often hilariously mismatched and proverbially spanked by people a third of his age. As for Bewbs, though a fan generally, he finds the bizarre boob modelling physics in games perplexing and archaic - and don't game him going on the inadequacy of female armour in games!

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Sony Patents Blockchain DRM to Enslave Us All

This article was originally published on: finder.com.au Sony has filed a patent that explores the use of cryptocurrency blockchain technology to control the digital rights...

A Workout That Feels Like An 80s Video Game

Ready to burn the fat to some awesome 8-bit beats? Workout music site Run Hundred has released a pair of benefit albums intended to make...

Ransomware Makes you Play PUBG To Unlock Your Files

In what can only be described as a stupid joke (or evil genius if you're a die hard PUBGer) some cyber-twats out in cyberspace...
professor McCray

Coolest Teacher On Earth To Use Fortnite In Final Exam

Every other f*cker is playing Fortnite right now (not me btw, I'm a connoisseur, I play PUBG) With that in mind, now officially the-most-awesome chemistry...

Bureaucrats Shut Down Games Bars In Japan

Fancy a pint and a good ol' gaming session? Happen to be in Osaka, Japan? Well up until now you could have chosen one of...
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The Poshest Retro Gaming Tech EVER

If you like video games, have huge wads of cash and love to show off, these products will be right up your alley! These posh...
uk government VR investment

UK Government Chucks £150 Million at VR Development

Virtual reality gaming entrepreneurs will share in £150m of Government investment targeted at UK creative industries ahead of Brexit. Ministers are aiming to double Britain’s...

Self-Appointed Boob Police Trolling Twitch Streamers

This article was written by Cecilia D'Anastasio and originally published on Kotaku: According to some Twitch streamers, vigilante viewers are making a sport of trolling through...
star trek online 3d print

Star Trek Online Now Let’s You 3D Print Your Favourite Ships

Trekkies rejoice! You can now actually print out your beloved ship from Star Trek Online... Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs,...
age of empires definitive edition

Age of Empires Is A Weird Game In 2018

AoE Is Sooo 1997... Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is almost everything an Age of Empires fan could think they want. Unless they want the castles from Age of...