Meet The Zoners


Jim Devereaux (Editor-In-Chief and Tech specialist)

Contributed gaming articles to a variety of publications and produced the award-winning TV show Bored Gamers (Amazon Prime). Loves racing games and classic LucasArts adventures.

What’s on his hard drive?
GTA V / CoD: Modern Warfare / DOOM Eternal / Sea of Thieves / Total War: Warhammer II / Ori and The Will of The Wisps / F1 2019 / Civilisation VI / Red Dead Redemption II / Cities Skylines

Brad Smith (Production Editor and FPS specialist)

Professional camera operator and technical specialist who also worked as a writer and presenter on the ‘Bored Gamer’s TV show. “I play games so you don’t have to. Or you can. I don’t care.”

What’s on his hard drive?
Rising Storm 2 / GTA V / CoD: Modern Warfare / Cities Skylines / We Happy Few / Anno 1800 / Star Wars Battlefront II / Squad / Total War: Three Kingdoms

Sam Devereaux (Features Editor and Retro specialist)

When he’s not writing about gaming goodness, he has another life as a voice actor. He loves racing games, decent Star Wars titles and pretty much anything to do with the N64.

What’s on his hard drive?
F1 2019 / Jet Set Radio / Crazy Taxi / Rogue Squadron / The Settlers / DOOM II / Indiana Jones Lego / Speedball 2 / Star Wars Racer

Greg Marshall (Media Editor and Board Games specialist)

A table-top gaming specialist, he obsesses over certain video games. Founder of Wargaming Special Interest Group magazine and co-creator of award winning TV show ‘Bored Gamers’ with Jim Devereaux.

What’s on his hard drive?
Total War: Warhammer II / The Witcher 3 / Sea of Thieves / Star Wars Battlefront II / DOOM (2016) / Plague Inc. / Company of Heroes 2 / LOTR Adventure Card Game / Porn (lots of, apparently)


George Shine (Senior Contributor)

Known as A Nerdy Dwarf, gaming since getting a SEGA Mega Drive age 5. Fan of Warhammer, Silent Hill and Avenged Sevenfold and all-round gamer Dad.

The News Team (TNT)

A group of our finest short-sighted gaming geeks, determined to bring the latest injustices and amusing asides to your attention. Armed with their trusty 486, a 28k modem and a whole lot of time (and E45 cream) on their hands, they won’t rest until their irritated and dismissive voices are heard!