The coronavirus pandemic has gradually reached many countries of the world, entertainment facilities are being closed, workers and students are being transferred to home-based regimes.

It is possible that in the coming weeks, measures will only intensify – and many will have to spend up to several weeks in-home quarantine. In such a case, we have selected five games with which it will be much more fun to spend this time.


An indie game that is among the most rated on Steam – and, I must say, for good reason. Rimworld has the simplest graphics, and the idea at first does not look very tricky – we collect a team of three astronauts, who then crash on a not friendly planet, trying to survive and return home. It’s just such a simple concept that hides an incredible number of options for the development of events. Using clever algorithms, the game over and over gives the settlers the most unexpected situations: survive the winter, deal with the raiders, try to buy medications for a wounded comrade at the other end of the map. New survivors can join the settlement, and the relationship within the group is a game within a game. The characters are formed from many perks, so in the end, the strongest connections are often established between your settlers – from hatred to love, which, however, can be destroyed by one simple act.

Gambling and Casino Games

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection, anti-crisis measures included the closure of public and entertainment establishments. People were trapped in four walls. To brighten up the gray days during the self-isolation regime, many people began to play virtual gambling games.

Why the increased demand for gambling?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the gambling market around the world became the object of research by some analytical companies and credit organizations. Experts noticed that lottery and online video slot sites have significantly increased their traffic. Therefore, they decided to find out the reasons for this phenomenon.

The demand for gambling has increased by 67%. This is because, in conditions of self-isolation, many people do not know how to spend their time. In search of entertainment, they open gambling sites.

The second reason for the increased demand for gambling is the unexpected loss of a permanent source of income. It is known that a lot of money can be won in video slots and lotteries. However, professional gamblers argue that for this it is necessary to play by adhering to a certain strategy, and not relying on fortune.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The main secret of Skyrim’s success is that from year to year the game remains a favorite among various mod authors. If you want to improve the graphics, improve the balance, make the gameplay more difficult – dozens of high-quality modifications are available. Besides the tweaks of gameplay and mechanics, thanks to mods you can even play different stories created within the world of Skyrim.

Death stranding

For obvious reasons, we tried not to include games that talk about global disasters in today’s list. But for Death Stranding, we made an exception, as its gameplay is very well suited for those who have a lot of free time. Death Stranding has a unique pace – the game is very calm, so it ideally fits in cases when you have to spend more time at home.

World of Warcraft (+ Classic)

World of Warcraft is not a cheap game – you will have to pay 15 bucks each month for a subscription to be able to play the game. However, now the value of the project is especially high. The “current” expansion Battle for Azeroth is at the peak of its life – at the beginning of the year, a content patch with the final dungeon was released for it. Therefore, it does not matter whether you plan to start from scratch or have played once, but quit – new activities will last for a long time.

And if the current version starts to get boring, do not forget that since September of the last year, all subscription owners have free access to the World of Warcraft: Classic servers. Over the past fifteen years, Blizzard has changed its MMORPG so much that now the current and the classic version are almost completely two different games. Moreover, in many ways the classic is considered even better: even if it does not have such a coherent plot, the game boasts a huge open world, a lot of tasks that must be done in groups, developed PvP in the open world, and branded raids for 40 people.

Yes, WoW Classic is criticized for spending too much time on it – but this will be only a plus during quarantine.