You’ve seen the Team Fortress leaderboards and the millions of adoring fans who flock to the best Fornite players on Twitch, and now you want a piece of the action.

Being an online gaming champion, whether it’s on free-for-all shooters or online casino games, comes with many tangible benefits, not least the huge potential financial returns.

For some players, however, the simple prestige of being the best is more than enough to motivate people to put in the hours needed to become an online gaming champion. Here’s how you can get there in five simple steps. 

Step 1: Choose Your Platform and Stick to It 

There are countless great games and platforms where you can make a name for yourself but the very best gamers for each game usually only play that one. If you split your attention and energies between multiple games, you have no chance of reaching the top. Find out which game you enjoy the most and are already pretty good at, then set aside the others for a later date. 

Step 2: Practice Relentlessly 

Becoming a pro gamer is just like reaching the top of any sport; it takes practice, practice, and more practice. If you want to become an online poker champion, for instance, you’ll need to choose an online casino that allows for endless hours of play-time and the chance to square off against some formidable opponents. You’ll have to keep on building your poker strategy by playing as much online Texas Hold ‘Em as you can handle before getting ready to take on the pros. 

Step 3: Learn from the Best 

Say your goal is to reach the tippy top of the Fortnite league tables. To get there, you’ll have to see how your predecessors did. Take Ninja, who is widely regarded to be one of the best players in the world. The hundreds of hours of live stream videos provided by Ninja’s Twitch channel should serve as a learning resource – follow the techniques of the very best and you’ll quickly learn what it takes to master your game of choice. 

Step 4: Record Your Mistakes 

This is where the action replay comes in. If you keep getting killed off in Call of Duty, it’s probably down to a strategic error on your part. Closely follow your mistakes and see what you’re doing wrong, as opposed to what your opponent is doing right. Make a physical note of your slip-ups so that you avoid them in the future and pretty soon you’ll be immune to defeat on any platform. 

Step 5: Build a Following 

While many of the best and brightest online gamers in the world got here through sheer talent, it helps to have an army of devoted fans cheering you on. Don’t hesitate to broadcast yourself on Twitch and let the world see your progress. Before you know it, people will start paying attention and the encouragement they provide will help push you to be the very best in business. 

These days, being an online gamer isn’t just a hobby, it’s a career path. Follow these steps to become the champion and you may well be able to earn a living from your favourite games.