Dwarf here, and our story begins at Camp crystal lake, summer of 1957 is where we begin, a poor boy violently drowned at the hands of bullies. Sounds like a sad story, but give him a hockey mask and a machete and you have the game were about to discuss.

Friday the 13th went live on 26th of may, although to a very rocky start, people being unable to download, log in, and after all that, searching for games has been a nightmare if not impossible, but now it’s been fixed I feel it’s time to talk about the walking terror that is Jason Voorhees.

With an extremely dark play ground, as a councillor you find yourself stumbling around the night looking for anything to help survive, a weapon, a radio, a map, you could even push your luck and go for the car or the phone to call the police, although fans of the films will know this is no easy task. The controls are easy to pick up and work well, with a variety of councillors from the films and clothing customisation, you can place their fates in your hands.

Or you can spawn in as the tall, drenched, masked killer, Jason himself, wielding a weapon fitting on which version you have unlocked, from the different parts of Friday the 13th, and the masks to match, arming yourself with a harpoon, an axe or even a pick axe, several skills to manipulated, you begin your hunt, controls similar to the councillors there’s no difficult transition.

As of yet there is no single player, so you will find yourself amongst other people, either as the hunter or the prey, but I assure you it is not a one sided fight, though towering and horrific, Jason is killable, or escapable, which ever your game plan is. As it stands at the time of me writing, I have never survived, but the atmosphere, the music and the haunting noises of wood breaking and heavy footsteps, I’m surprised I’m not a nervous heap on the ground, let alone a survivor. The music isn’t over whelming but gives enough chills to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and ties in perfectly with being chased through the woods, glancing back at your stalker, but keep an eye on your stamina, or you will stumble.

Many secrets to be found, hiding places and buildings to explore and a massive array of weaponry for defence, this surely is a huge game, and those who have been looking forward to it will not be disappointed.

As with all games, especially ones kickstarted as not being AAA titles, it’s not without its bugs, but once they’re ironed out, I can see this game being a classic multiplayer survival horror, and I recommend it to anybody that feels like having their face impaled by a fishing spear, or maybe being the ones to break down a door and reach in to a screaming survivor to show them why they shouldn’t be there.

George Shine


Happy camping!

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