Yes, meditation is much more useful than you think!

It is an actual exercise for your mind that can offer various benefits for all Esports athletes and professional gamers. For you gamers, your main focus and objective is to constantly seek improvement in your skills and play performance, so it would be silly for you to overlook how meditation can potentially help you become a greater player. After all, meditation doesn’t require that much effort and it goes hand in hand with your gaming equipment, like a razer gaming mouse to improve your performance. Read on to find out how meditation can add value to your efforts in becoming a better gamer!

How To Be a Healthy Gamer

Gamer meditation

Aside from performance, health is no doubt one of the major concerns for all athletes out there; including gamers, as your health is what determines how long you get to excel at your sport. At some point, many gamers begin to experience pain in the hands and wrists and start to question their health.

Here’s where meditation comes in! Meditation is a brilliant place to embark on Esports specific training, as it’s certainly not intimidating, and does not take up too much of your precious time and energy. Also, the benefits are felt relatively quickly!

Benefits from Meditation for Gamers

As a competitive gamer, you are aware of how your sport consumes and drains much mental capacity. This is why it’s most important for gamers to keep their mind in a good place and in good shape, as Esports can be extremely taxing on the mind. The following are several benefits that meditation can bring to gamers.

1) A Stress Relief
The most common reason as to why people look to meditating in the first place is so as to try relieving stress. Esports demands non-stop focus and mental alertness, where response time is key. Professional matches can also last for a significant amount of time, and this repetitive process of your brain absorbing mass amounts of details, processing it at a quick speed, and then making split-second actions, is obviously extremely stressful for gamers. This gets worse as players reach higher levels of competition.

Studies have revealed that meditation is a way to reduce stress levels, and can even aid in improving stress-related conditions like PTSD.

2) Reduce Anxiety
Gaming can really spike up one’s anxiety levels since you’re kept on your toes throughout the game in order to not make any mistake and bring down your team. Competitive players have it worst as there is an audience watching, and competitors are in the same vicinity. Meditation can thus be used to decrease any symptoms of anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, and it helps to reduce your overall anxiety level and work-related anxiety.

3) Increase Focus
Focus is of utmost importance for Esports. To perform well in competitions, extended periods of full focus is required. Some may reach out for energy booster drinks or caffeine, but that’s merely a short term solution. Instead, turn to meditation which can help in improving and maintaining an individual’s attention, and aid in preventing the mind from being distracted and wandering off.

4) Improve Sleep
Sufficient proper sleep is essential, as sleep deprivation can lead to poor performance for professional gamers, especially in the long term. Rather than turning to sleeping pills which could have harmful side effects, try meditating instead. Meditating can help you to enter a relaxed mode ready for sleep quicker, and enable you to stay asleep for longer.

A common mistake that people make is to desire to achieve too much in such a short amount of time.

5) Relieve Pain
Gaming involves sitting at one spot for long hours, where poor posture is likely to result. Hence, gamers are susceptible to suffering from pains in the wrist, hands, and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. A study has shown that meditation can help to increase activity movement in brain centers that are known to control pain, and hence can reduce sensitivity to the pain.

6) How to Start Meditating
Don’t rush to begin meditating to reap the associated benefits; A common mistake that people make is to desire to achieve too much in such a short amount of time. As with exercising and dieting, meditation requires consistency. A good way to introduce meditation into your daily routine is to commit to the exercise for five minutes after you’ve woken up and had your breakfast every morning.

7) Meditation Technique
There are various ways that one can meditate. For newcomers to meditation, a great way to start and get into the right posture is to use your room wall. Sit upright cross-legged, with your back against the wall. If this gets too uncomfortable for you, perhaps you can try lying down with your back flat. Once you get into a comfortable position, put your whole focus on breathing.

While this may all sound like a no brainer, meditation isn’t as simple as you think. You’ll probably question whether you’re doing it right because you can’t seem to keep your mind empty. Meditation can be considered a journey. You set aside time for it every day, and with time you’ll find that you achieve better and better results with meditation. The more consistent you are, the greater the benefits get.

8) Don’t Overthink It
It’s essential that you first develop a daily routine with meditation, before attempting to spruce your exercises up to enhance the benefits. As days and months pass, and you find meditation getting more comfortable for you, increase the number of minutes you give to this exercise until you get to an optimal time of perhaps, 15 minutes.

This act of discipline can surprisingly be beneficial to building up self-confidence and attaining a satisfactory sense of self-worth. As you become more experienced with meditation, you could consider incorporating relaxing sounds and tunes that can enhance your meditation experience.


In all, meditation is everything but harmful to your mental state and health. If you’re really keen to train in an optimal way which involves putting your whole attention on upgrading your skills, then you ought to put in the effort; Ensure that your body can take the stress by caring more about your mental health!