Playing football on PC and video games are a favourite pastime for many people. Here, you can play the type of football you only dream of to your heart’s content, and even thrash some of your friends too.

So, for football fans the world over, here are the ten top football PC games, compiled by matchbook casino, from FIFA 19 to PES 2019, and a few others you may not have heard about.

FIFA 2019

Football fans will agree that virtually every version of EA developed FIFA series is captivating, but the 2019 version takes everything to a whole new and exciting level, particularly with the improved game engine and storyline enhancement. This is one of the best football games made for PC.

PES 2019

A very close competitor to FIFA Series, PES, popularly known as Winning Eleven is another great PC game in the Football genre, and the 2019 version brings with it some really great improvements. In fact, certain diehard football game fans will insist that PES2019 plays better than FIFA19. Get a copy on your PC to find out if there is any truth in this.

Football Manager

If running around the pitch is not your idea of fun, then Football Manager will appeal to you. This classic game allows you to buy and sell players, create a match strategy, set formation, and do virtually everything a real-life club manager can do. You can even decide to start with a small club and grow its fortunes slowly with your managerial skills.

Sensible World of Soccer

This right here, is the ultimate nostalgia king.

Even though it came in a number of varieties and formats, including the 1992 Mega Drive version, this remains an all-time favourite for football games lovers. Sensible Soccer is no longer in development, but there are websites where you can download a 1996 DOS version

Football Tactics and Glory

Football Tactics and Glory is not your regular football game as it is developed along the lines of a role-playing game where you use strategies to win. Very similar to football manager but without the front office and numbers crunching. This is ideal for football game fans who want a minimalist football gaming experience.

NFL Blitz

If your interest is in American football, then NFL Blitz is right up your alley. It features teams in the NFL, and is said to be one of the most interesting, albeit violent games ever developed

FIFA 2015

There is an ongoing argument among football game fans that FIFA 2015 was the best in the series until the 2019 release. Whether this is true or not, one thing is certain, FIFA 15 remains one of the best football games on PC, at least, for introducing the Premier League license.

PES 2006

Virtually everyone who ever played football games on PC back in the day played PES 2006. This was the era of Konami domination and can be said to be the first football game that introduced every aspect of a player (strength, weaknesses) into virtual form.

Red Card

Not many people know of Red Card, but in 2002, a company developed a no-holds barred football game where anything goes. In this game, heavy tackles are allowed, and you can make special violent moves. Even though it wasn’t very popular, it enjoyed a lot of attention in certain circles.

Pure Football 2018

Also, for American football fans, Pure Football allows you to be many things in the game, from player to coach and manager. This game also takes place in the 1930s, a fact that totally differentiates it from all the football games you may know.