The PC has always been the standard for gaming when it comes to producing a life-like and immersive environment for gamers. On it, thousands of games have been created.

Though we now have innovative platforms such as consoles and the very popular online gaming platform where the likes of Costa Bingo can offer over 300 titles from leading game makers. If you want to explore PC gaming, here is a look at the best games ever to be created and played on PC.

Half-Life 2

A widely acclaimed single-player shooter for the PC with 39 different Game of the Year awards to show for it.

One of the major distinctions of Half-Life 2 is the games’ engine that provides a high-resolution environment unmatched by its peers in the industry. Add that to the well-crafted challenges, mind-blowing simulations, object interaction, and a relatable main protagonist in Gordon Freeman and you have a truly absorbing game in your hands.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A game based on the Ronin fantasy perfectly executed in a fantastic and wonderful world on PC. In this wonderful world, you will face all manner of challenges and everything seems to be haunted – from the trees to the people. If not haunted, then it’s a dreadful beast you have to deal with. Witcher 3 gives you the ability to play any character you like and there is life meaning behind every play. There is always a story, a worthwhile quest, something that changes your thinking.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series is remarkable for its consistent quality. The game’s story is based on heist committed by players and the aggression of law enforcement agencies to criminals. The franchise sold over $1 billion in the first 3 days of its release in 2013, making it the fastest selling entertainment invention in history.

Once you’re in the Grand Theft Auto world, it’s hard to come out; the virtual environment looks real and the action is immersive.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro is a blend of history and fantasy, set in the 15th century Japan, an era consumed by war and conflicts. When you die, you can rise again, all by yourself and as powerful as ever, ready to strike your enemies down when they least expect.

You play as a lone Wolf and your main weapon is a sword. Most antagonists you will encounter come bearing swords, too. The sword fight is a glorious work of art, fireworks from the clash of swords lit up the battleground beautifully, and the footwork makes it look like a well-coordinated dance. The clanging sounds is something you will still hear long after you are done with the game. The game teaches self-discipline, resourcefulness, and awareness.


Doom is the game that defined the future of gaming on PC. It pioneered the concept of shooting your way through the enemies, a concept now known as the first-person shooter. It also set the standard for 3D graphics.

The lethal weapons and the ultra-violence of the game are its main attractions and you are not alone in its unending entertainment as it provides for multiplayer. Doom is a classic in its own rights.