Mankind has created many incredible things.

The wheel, who could forget that one! Without it we’d be stuck in the carpet on our gaming thrones, not able to swivel and slide our way around our desks as we played.

Sliced bread? Yeah that’s a great one too, without it we’d have to waste precious moments crudely cutting a loaf – time which would obviously be better spent raiding.

But as amazing as those inventions are, none come close to the majesty that is THE GAMING BED.

That’s right, our funny little friends from Japan have come up with the ultimate comfort solution. Developed by the company Bauhutte, which until now specialised in all the usual accessories – gaming chairs, desks, shelves and other peripherals, the gaming bed is bound to be their greatest product to date. Especially for those of you either too lazy or too massive to get out of bed in the first place.

Now when we say product the bed is more an amalgamation of all of their other items with a cool looking (albeit small) black lounger to sleep and game on at the centre of it all. check out the pics:

But how much does this joyous revelation of a product cost may you ask? Honestly we have no idea, we don’t read Japanese. Here’s the website link, let us know if you figure it out.

Don’t despair though, the genie’s out of the bottle so to speak – give it a few hours and they’ll be copy cat products all over Amazon and Ali Express to salivate over.

Mankind has a new champion, the greatest innovation in the history of our fair species. The gaming bed. Praise be to thee.