In the world of competitive Counter-Strike we rarely ask ourselves one question – is the game balanced?

Of course, it is – after all, it’s been online for over a decade! And that certainly should mean something, does it? Well, according to Astralis – the world’s arguably most successful team so far – the Krieg needs a nerf.

And this comes from none other but Peter Rasmussen – dupreeh, himself, a player who loves the Krieg, but isn’t very happy with playing against it. In fact, no professional player is. Once you buy the automated sniper-rifle, things start getting tricky. Some say that skill gives way to luck.

Is the Krieg So Dangerous?

Why is the Krieg such a bad boy? Well, while most of the action pivoted around AK- 47 for a long, long while now, the Krieg proved to be a very accurate and fast-firing weapon. Put simply, there was little that could stop a pro player from landing a headshot with accuracy that some began to suspect was very, very targeted.

Astralis think the Krieg is too good

Not only that, though, but recent buffs to the Krieg, which have been necessitated because of the growing love for the gun, may have completely upset the meta. If you are into CS GO betting these days, you might want to look up who the best CS GO players using the Krieg are – because there are your chances of turning any wager into a success. With this said, a handy database can be found at:

Now, some have said that betting on the player is important, but as it turns out – the weapon might just be as important. But to put in perspective how powerful this gun is, some pros have said that buying an AWP would be a waste when the Krieg comes for a much smaller value and promises to do much damage.

What About the Meta?

What does this mean for the current meta? Well, terrorists definitely have the upper-hand for now. But Valve may already be designing a nerf. Of course, the best way to do this is to follow the professional players out there and see what they think should happen.

Of course, re-designing Krieg in a hurry could completely ruin the potential of the gun which some have said is still a viable option. Another way to handle the gun would be to increase its value so it’s closer matched to that of the AWP. What will come next is entirely up to Valve to decide but for now all pro players know it – the Krieg is unbalanced.