At first glance, it’s difficult to find a place for PC gaming within the online gaming food chain. On the one hand, mobile gaming has taken the entertainment world by storm and looks set to grow for the foreseeable future. On the other, you have traditional console gaming, which, for all intents and purposes, is still doing well with the current batch of next-generation consoles.

However, PC gaming has long been a staple of the gaming industry and in many people’s eyes is still the original and best place to do your gaming. With new technology and trends on the horizon, could PC gaming once again reclaim its place atop the gaming food chain within the gaming landscape?

Streaming Is a Big Deal

Gaming is about much more than just playing the latest blockbuster titles for yourself. Back in the days of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3, there was as much interest in watching others game on YouTube as there was in popping the disc in your own console.

Nowadays, live streaming is all the rage, and platforms such as Twitch and Youtube Live allow users to watch their favourite internet personalities go through the mill as they play popular titles such as League of Legends and Fortnite. Whilst streamers use a variety of platforms and consoles to stream their gaming experiences, PC gaming still remains the weapon of choice for the most prominent streamers due to the convenience of being able to both play and stream on the same system. 

Improving Technology

Exciting and demanding technology such as virtual reality and 4K are on the horizon. As a result, gamers are upgrading their equipment accordingly and this is helping to drive sales of gaming-specific PCs and laptops. However, it’s also worth pointing out that quicker processing speeds, upgrades in technology and improved graphics are helping improve already existing games. The online casino industry and the best bingo sites, for instance, are making use of the latest technology in order to provide users with a more immersive experience. New, innovative community chat boxes are helping to retain the social element of the game, whilst new technology such as virtual and augmented reality are touted as the future of online bingo.

Although most games are now available on mobile devices through the use of apps, PCs and laptops are still the driving force within the online casino industry and this trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. 

Online Gaming and eSports

Online gaming is a big deal no matter what platform you choose to do your gaming on. However, when it comes to PC gaming, eSports is helping to grow the industry more than most. As well as Twitch and other streaming sites, the premier eSports events are also shown on terrestrial TV channels such as ESPN and Sky. With eSports revenue set to reach around $1.5 billion by 2020, the competitive gaming scene is helping to drive the resurgence of the PC hardware market. As gamers watch their favourite teams and players compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the realisation that gaming can yield a career is slowing dawning on younger viewers and the PC gaming industry is massively benefiting from this. 

The PC Gaming Industry Is Resilient

PC gaming has been hounded and haunted by an ominous narrative since it came into existence. Every year, it is claimed that the industry is dying and is to be replaced by a more convenient and more consumer orientated device or experience. However, PC gaming is showing no signs of slowing down and is here to say despite numerous competitors entering the online gaming ring.