The Gamers choice of drink?

Dwarf here, a new(ish) energy drink has managed to sneak into the ranks of top drinks for gamers. See what I did there? I should explain.

Been asking around recently, over what I should be chugging while I’m battling on the seas or facing in an arena, and I’ve had many names thrown out at me, respectful mentions going to monster, mountain dew and G-fuel. But one kept coming up, again and again, sneak. 

Now I’ve seen this badass bunny bouncing across my Facebook adverts a few times but always really pushed it aside. Been on a can of monster or relentless a day since I was 14, that’s over 12 years of loyalty right there, why change now?

But again, sneak. It just keeps coming up, and from the people I’ve asked (huge shout out to the battlefield 5, elder scrolls online and tekken 7 community for this) people keep telling me to try sneak. So I took a deep breath, searched my Facebook for the page and clicked the chat icon. Got put through to a lovely person called Stephanie. Seriously, sneak team, if you’re reading this, hats off to her for making customer service a relaxing and enjoyable process, in a world where it’s nearly impossible to even pay a bill without having so much rage to the point you sacrifice a goat and raid the local tesco wearing cereal box armour, she managed to make me smile, feel good about reaching out to a company. And I feel I can honestly say she represents them as a company in the sense that you’re seen as a person, not a number or a paycheck. 

It was only the very next day I got the knock on my door containing a little starter package, with a great quality shaker (take notes there people, plastic isn’t a waste product if you can actually reuse it time and time again) and a wonderful array of sample flavours. My journey began.

Add the sachet,  add water. That’s it. Simple. Sceptical at first until I took a sip. That amazing refreshing cherry bomb making its way through my body. Feeling the surge of energy and taste ripping through my mind, blood pumping I was ready to play.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say I instantly got a victory royale or my K/D ratio shot up to 10.0. If any magical drink could do that, well, there would be no need for gamers like us would there? But I had the energy to marathon and rack up my hours and wins, without suffering the crash or distraction. 

“Oh but Dwarf, it says sugar free, surely that affects it?” I hear you cry. Relax my fellow button mashers. The fruity goodness and taste doesn’t require sugars. It’s made of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. And let’s be honest, if we are spending hours at a time staring at a screen, we want something to make us feel good inside. Sugar free and only 12 calories per serving? Now there’s no way that can be cheap and convenient. Well, I was wrong about that thought too, it’s not even 75p per serving!

Intrigued by this, I took it round to my friend Steve. Fellow gamer, though more of a towering viking kiwi, who practically bleeds caffeine and sugar. Without saying anything, I offered him some. Hesitant sniff, but the aroma of energy and fruit overpowered him, a large swig followed up with a declaration of appreciation. Now there is no doubt in my mind, a sugar free energy drink has to taste bad. 

Here’s the kicker, I’ve tried all the flavours now. Cherry bomb being my first, and favorite, but it’s a close tie. Tropikilla, stealth, strawberry watermelon (they worked hard on naming that one) and blue raspberry all came close. Each one as delicious as the last, and they all have their own unique taste. 
If I had to fault it, it would be this. It’s not available in shops. Sorry. It’s online only, but fair prices and great delivery times make up for it. And I can’t be the only one out there with a little social anxiety, waiting at the self service feeling like a child waiting for someone to ID me for buying a redbull. I don’t need that. So I suppose that’s a plus in a way.

Honestly, I can’t see a single issue with this, it’s been a few days for me now and I’m having no energy crashes, no headaches, and I am thoroughly enjoying this experience. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more.

I would be proud to be seen streaming wearing their merch and sipping their wonderful game juice (hint hint). Gamers, I would be honoured if you would join me in this. Check them out at:

Oh and people, they’re vegan too. So no worries there. 

This is A Nerdy Dwarf, with very refreshing taste buds, and I will (probably) never crack open a can of *insert generic brand name fizzy sugar water* again.

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