Some video game voices leave indelible marks upon our souls.

Whether it be the strangulated Italian mutterings of Mario first heard on the N64 or the anguished protests of Weird Ed Eddison in Day of the Tentacle, we can forever recall these hilarious and often bizarre auditory moments.

None have come close however to the legend that is Jon St. John – aka Duke Nukem.

The Duke has a voice that any self-respecting nerd would be jealous to their bones about. Deep, sultry, cool and bad-ass in equal measure – it’s no wonder St. John is always being asked to imitate our favourite 90s gaming hero, especially as targeted punishment for those who dare not attend a convention starring the Duke actor.

Queue the phone trolling below – just one of many examples you’ll find online:

We feel both sorry for the poor fool who fell foul of the wrath of the Duke and seriously jealous all the same – I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive such a cutting put-down from the greatest bad ass of gaming’s past??

Our message to Jon St. John? Keep up the good work sir. We salute you.
Our message to his victims? Lay back and take it, motherfucker!