We’ve seen our fair share of stupid Skyrim mods over the years.

There’s the one that turns dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine, the ones that creates a cheese wheel Armageddon and our personal favourite, animated fart shouts – but this new mod really takes the virtual biscuit.

You can now pretty much play the game without actually playing it – yes that’s right you lazy bastard, you can turn your character into an automated AI-atron, walking, talking and fart shouting without you having to lift a god damn finger. You happy now??

Here’s a description of the laziest mod ever created by its developer:

SkyTrek is a mod that allows you to have a more hands-off experience so that you can enjoy the aesthetic of your game, or immersively have your character behave in an organic way while you eat lunch. It is made primarily for roleplayers, screenarchers and anyone that records gameplay.

SkyTrek allows the player character to travel on foot, horse or dragon to either a set or radiant destination of their choice. The radiant system is custom made and can work “out of the box” with any mod added location or world, provided it is correctly keyworded!

There is also an automated combat system for use while travelling with optional shouting and class system.

Typically smug Skyrim player, having his pizza and eating it LITERALLY. You disgust us.

But if that level of automated gameplay somehow isn’t good enough for you, you can flip a ‘life’ toggle, which turns your character into a fully brain-dead NPC – complete with an inane set daily routine of wondering about town, tripping over cheese and having nightmares about human tank engine hybrids.

Oh gamers, how far we hath fallen…