A rotund and largely incomprehensible stereotype has become enraged at a small time game developer who dared to include a harmless coding mini game in his latest release.

A thing called a Nintendo Switch (an electronic virtual pinball machine of sorts) run by disgruntled Italian plumber Mario Super has banned a sweet experience from his platform after it was revealed that innocent kids could play a hidden ‘easter egg’ that simulates games programming.

In clear violation of the Switcher’s draconian regulations, the role-playing text-based game A Dark Room can no longer be purchased for fear that the ‘coding environment’ might lead to users customising their legally purchased devices.

Artistic impression

The plumber in question has run Nintendo game operations for over 30 years, and is best known for eating large quantities of mushrooms, followed by a series of magical transformations (or so he claims) whilst incessantly stomping wild fauna.

Mario was quoted via the Reuters news agency as saying “Leeet’s ago to COURT! Maaaaario no likea yaa FACE!!”. Mr. Super’s brother, Luigi, avoided questioning by the press, leaping quite literally out of a hastily arranged press conference when asked if the experience had been a haunting one for the company.