Disney has almost killed off the Star Wars movie franchise, and the games don’t seem far behind.

Countless billions spent, years of hard-nosed development, nerdy study groups and equality conventions later and this is what we have – a shit show of misguided corporate nonsense compounded by the twatty contrary-ness of director Rian Johnson. Star Wars is dead to all but the most die-hard lightsaber wielding basement dwellers.

The video games are not helping the cause either, with the assimilation of LucasArts cancelling the promising Star Wars 1313 project and the recent Battlefront games from DiCE blighted by the ever present dickery of dark side publisher EA.

Things are so bleak in fact some are looking back on the prequels with some form of fondness, for pity’s sake! But there’s one such example of this nostalgia we’re actually pretty taken with.

Some random guy has decided to remake a good chuck of the original Episode I Pod Racer game in Unreal Engine 4 – and the results are pretty striking.

The pod race was probably the best part of The Phantom Menace and it made a good video game back in the day, so we’re all for restoration projects like this.

You can race an entire course against AI as Anakin, with all the sound effects and music to make the whole feel authentic. No doubt a ballsy move considering Disney are bound to squash this fan project under a giant mouse foot any day now, and sue this guy’s ass into oblivion as they do it.

As of this writing you can download it for free via this download link:

Grab it quick though, we’re sure it won’t last long!