I knew it was wrong. But you know what it’s like these days.

You jump online, and you can easily hook up with your past. But that doesn’t make it right. Wife? Kids? Commitments? And in all honesty, not wanting to be crude, but when you reconnect with your past, you don’t know where it’s been in the meantime.

But that’s exactly what I did.

She loved to play games

You see back in 1989 I fell deeply in love with my girlfriend of the time. I admired her from afar for a while. Then the chase began. And then finally at long last we hooked up in London, and I brought her home.

While she had a very serious side to her, she mostly just liked to play games. We were young back then. She could play for hours without missing a beat, and back then, I had no issues keeping up at all.

I can’t recall exactly when she left but I think our relationship lasted for at least 3 years. I brought her so many gifts back then. All my money went into keeping both of us happy. And to be honest, I question whatever it was that convinced us to part.

And I think that is why, last Christmas, even though I had my family to consider, I just had to go back to my girlfriend. I had to re-connect. I knew that letting her leave was a mistake. I’ve known all this time. No matter the cost, I just had to see her again. Not just see her. I had to bring her home with me again. I had to play with her. To see if we were still compatible. To see if the spark was still alive.

I made no secret of my plans. The wife knew. The kids knew. Hell, I even wrote about it on the internet, but it’s amazing how much is acceptable these days.

She was waiting in my bedroom

I travelled at great expense back to England from Australia, and went to my parents house where I would be staying for much of my visit.

She was already there, in my old bedroom, waiting. Kinkily she waited, wrapped in bubble wrap, the translucency hinting at the super hero costume she was wearing beneath. The very same costume she’d warn on the day we hooked up in London all those years ago.

She looked amazing! Instantly I knew that I’d done the right thing.

No one else was around. It was just us in my old bedroom. I didn’t want to rush things but equally I didn’t want to waste any time. Not wanting to ever forget this moment, I set up my phone on a tripod and set the video camera to record.

She didn’t protest.

I laid her down gently on the bedroom floor and very slowly and carefully undressed her, treating her clothes as if they were as valuable as she was. There were moments of frustration initially as her bubble wrap was tightly protecting her form, with plenty of sticky tape imprisoning her, but eventually we got there.

I invited a friend over to play with her too

After removing the wrap, I wasted no time in removing her costume. It’s nostalgic hit was strong and not lost on me – I need to see her naked as soon as possible.

When I eventually saw her body again, for the first time after all these years, I was stunned. She really hadn’t aged. She’d not been used and abused. Dirty hands had not been all over her as I’d feared. She’d waited. She’d waited all these years, just for me.

I rolled her over, and back again. My fingers stroked tentatively along every edge, feeling for the slightest blemish while being careful to not be the cause of one. Her colour was consistent and unchanged. Her lines were just as I remembered them. And on that initial reunion, that is all we did. I looked her over. Every inch of her. Oh I wanted to play with her. Of course I did. But time was short, and my family were waiting downstairs.

The fun would have to wait for a few days, when we’d get the opportunity to really get to know each other again, and see if we clicked. And just in case things felt awkward, I had invited an old school friend over to join in, as she used to really enjoy that back in the day.

She has moved back in with me, and my wife doesn’t mind

My plan was to show her to my wife (who I also love deeply) and arrange for her to join us back in Australia. To move in with us. To live with us forever and be part of our lives. To be part of my life again. To play with. To make music with. And sometimes, just to look at and smile, knowing I’d put a huge wrong in my past right again.

Soon I’ll write more, and let you know how things have gone in detail, and if reconnecting with a girlfriend from 1989 actually works out in 2020.

But spoiler alert….it does. It just does. I have no regrets about what I’ve done, and I’d do it all again tomorrow. 

We’re all very happy together, even though to be honest, she and my wife hardly ever see each other. Fortunately our house is big enough to make that work.

In case you’re a little confused or concerned with my story, AMIGA (as in Commodore Amiga) is Spanish for “Girlfriend”.

What did you think I was talking about?

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